Thank you for choosing Harvard Rd Dental Care. We are committed to providing patients with compassionate and professional dental care in a comfortable and relaxed environment. Whether you have an emergency dental situation or it’s just your regular preventative checkup, Our goal, is to help each of our patients achieve, and maintain a healthy smile for life.

We utilize various dental technologies including sedation dentistry and gentle dental techniques to help you achieve a smile that not only LOOKS great, but WORKS great and LASTS. We have all your dental needs covered and provide all services  including cosmetic dentistry, implants, veneers, childrens’ dentistry, Invisalign etc.

Whether you are new to Guelph or just on the search to to find a new dentist, our team at Harvard Rd Dental Care would like to extend a warm welcome to you and your family!

Make Us Your Smile Team!!


We pride ourselves on building a relationship with each of our patients to achieve a healthy smile.  At our practice, you will receive individualized treatment based on a careful diagnosis of your dental needs.


Our Dental Hygienist play an important role in attaining and maintaining your optimal dental health. During your first visit we determine the type of cleaning needed for each patient and the frequency. We strive to help each of our patients achieve overall wellness which is directly linked to oral health!


Accommodating your busy life and work schedule is important to us. So we have extended our hours to meet your needs. We are now open evenings and weekends. We take pride in being on time for our patients and treat emergencies the same day. Consultations and second opinions are always welcome.

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You Should Choose Harvard Dental?

At Harvard Dental all of us take being a dentist quite seriously. All of us know that undeniably when folk are shopping for a great family dentist people want the best. That's why we try to truly be the greatest dentist we all possibly can be inside Ontario. It's our resolve to being the greatest that has gained us extremely significant respect here with each of our consumers.

As a great family dentist all of us in addition continuously try to remember to listen to every one of our buyers questions with patience and with absolutely no impatience. All of us without fail spend the time. We feel it is incredibly vital to make certain consumers feel valued and even looked after.

There are truly not too many dentist who own the exact skill set and background to market theirselves as being leader inside their sector. Merge this along with a high level of client service and we truly really feel we're absolutely the finest great family dentist within Ontario.

Dying to begin?

Everthing gets going with a quick phone call.

Phone 519 824 0810.

We'll be pleased to talk about any dentist inquiries thoroughly over the telephone or by way of e-mail if perhaps that is preferable for you. Following this we shall advise the solution that most effective matches your situations demands. Discover the reason people today refer to us as one of the best great family dentist!

Even Now Require Prodding? Some Other Reasons Why Harvard Dental is really A Guelph Based Dentist

Dedication to High-Quality - A Dentist In Guelph and a Family Dentist In Guelph

Our loyalty to top quality is exceedingly excessive. In case you're endeavoring to be a great family dentist or a great family dentist, there is certainly truly not one other route but to really give it your personal best to excel. If perhaps a specific buyer requires additional attention, all of us afford that valued customer additional care. Whatever's necessary to make sure they are satisfied with all of us as a dentist. Never forget, we do service most of Ontario, and so you should contact us today.

Dedication - A Cosmetic Dentist In Guelph and A Pediatric Dentist In Guelph

Some consumers have indeed labeled our business as a great family dentist, a great family dentist, a great family dentist and also the leading Ontario headquartered dentist there could be! That will not happen if you're lacking exceptionally diligent labor and dedication to your consumers plus the quality within your work. In case you'll be looking to get a great family dentist, all of us honestly contend that we are sincerely the right pick. Simply phone Harvard Dental to explain the needs you have immediately! 519 824 0810.

Skill - A Dental Office In Guelph and A Great Family Dentist

Within most any business, expertise definitely is a key ingredient impacting good results. Whenever you are needing a great family dentist, that is definitely more accurate. Being a dentist, we all can certainly tell you undeniably how the end result is influenced from the expertise of the corporation that you've been hiring. The undeniably huge degree of expertise which Harvard Dental has got as a great family dentist, is actually why anyone must trust us all with your valuable critical needs. Whenever you are shopping to get a great family dentist, think of Harvard Dental. Definitely communicate with us without delay.

Call Us Now for your No Charge Assessment!

We will not get beat. No need to pay ridiculous fees just because you didn't consult with us all. Sure you currently have an untouchable price ? Why not be 100 % confident? Speak with all of us. You may simply just find that we're in truth most suitable choice. Numerous folks have before.

Choosing the right dentist to retain is a difficult challenge. Go with a knowledgeable assessment. You'll want to make contact with us all with no requirement to see if we all are truly the very best dentist for your situation.

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