Thank you for choosing Harvard Rd Dental Care. We are committed to providing patients with compassionate and professional dental care in a comfortable and relaxed environment. Whether you have an emergency dental situation or it’s just your regular preventative checkup, Our goal, is to help each of our patients achieve, and maintain a healthy smile for life.

We utilize various dental technologies including sedation dentistry and gentle dental techniques to help you achieve a smile that not only LOOKS great, but WORKS great and LASTS. We have all your dental needs covered and provide all services  including cosmetic dentistry, implants, veneers, childrens’ dentistry, Invisalign etc.

Whether you are new to Guelph or just on the search to to find a new dentist, our team at Harvard Rd Dental Care would like to extend a warm welcome to you and your family!

Make Us Your Smile Team!!


We pride ourselves on building a relationship with each of our patients to achieve a healthy smile.  At our practice, you will receive individualized treatment based on a careful diagnosis of your dental needs.


Our Dental Hygienist play an important role in attaining and maintaining your optimal dental health. During your first visit we determine the type of cleaning needed for each patient and the frequency. We strive to help each of our patients achieve overall wellness which is directly linked to oral health!


Accommodating your busy life and work schedule is important to us. So we have extended our hours to meet your needs. We are now open evenings and weekends. We take pride in being on time for our patients and treat emergencies the same day. Consultations and second opinions are always welcome.

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Exactly Why to Decide on Harvard Road Dental? Around Harvard Road Dental all of us look at being a dentist very gravely. We all recognize that truly any time folks are searching for an extraordinary dental professional people desire the finest. Therefore we will struggle to be really the slickest dentist we possibly can be in Ontario. It truly is our determination to becoming the winner that has generated us truly great regard with our own purchasers. Being an extraordinary dental professional we furthermore always aim to take time to answer every clients concerns with great diligence and with no waiting. We all without fail spend the time. We all believe that it's really essential to ensure that buyers feel truly recognized and also looked after. There usually are not a lot of dentist who hold the specific expertise coupled with experience to identify their service as being mentor for their industry. Mix that along with our high level of purchaser service and certainly we feel we absolutely are the best extraordinary dental professional around Ontario. Ready to get moving? Everything gets underway with a quick phone call. Phone 519 824 0810. We will be thrilled to go over all your current dentist concerns in great detail on the telephone or maybe by using e mail if this is preferable for you personally. After that we'll recommend the answer that perfectly matches your situations goals. Hear exactly why folks refer to us as the ideal extraordinary dental professional! Continue to Need Persuading? Other Reasons Why Harvard Road Dental is certainly A Guelph Based Dentist Devotion to Quality - A Dentist In Guelph and a Family Dentist In Guelph Our dedication to quality is actually extremely excessive. Should you be attempting to become an extraordinary dental professional or an extraordinary dental professional, there is in fact no other option but to do your very best to exceed expectations. Whenever any given consumer demands extra effort, we provide that particular customer more care. Anything at all to make sure they will be pleased with us as a dentist. Remember that, we do support all of Ontario, and so feel free to get in touch. Willpower - A Cosmetic Dentist In Guelph and A Pediatric Dentist In Guelph Some purchasers have indeed reported our team as an extraordinary dental professional, an extraordinary dental professional, an extraordinary dental professional coupled with the finest Ontario area dentist there is! That doesn't happen if you're lacking unbelievably diligent labor as well as investment in your clients plus the top quality inherent within your product. When you're looking around for an extraordinary dental professional, all of us really contend that we're sincerely the better choice. Phone Harvard Road Dental to explain what you want immediately! 519 824 0810. Expertise - A Dental Office In Guelph and An Extraordinary Dental Professional Within any given business, experience is certainly a huge component relating to success. If you might be wanting an extraordinary dental professional, well this fact can be all the more real. Being a dentist, all of us will convey to anyone in person that the final end result is undeniably measured simply by the previous experience of the provider you've been contracting. The enormously significant volume of practical experience which Harvard Road Dental offers in being an extraordinary dental professional, is actually just why anyone should trust us with your critical needs. In case you happen to be shopping for an extraordinary dental professional, think about Harvard Road Dental. Remember to speak to us all today. Call Today for a No Cost Consultation! We refused to get beat. Don't pay more merely because you neglected to talk with us. Certain you were told an incredible price ? Why not be totally sure? Discuss with us here. You may simply discover that we're indeed the better choice. Lots of clients have in the past. Figuring out the right dentist to engage is a crucial task. Otp for the best selection. Why don't you call all of us with zero expectation to recognise if we all are the optimal dentist for you. Call Us! 519 824 0810