How to overcome depression and start writing, i mean living!

It's not like i'm an expert on this thing, just want to share from my opinion how to deal with over-sadness or depression matter. it feels like i'm battling depression for all my life, i'm kind of moody person, even every single little fickle can get me down, for someone else it may be ridiculous. and i still haven't found someone who can really brings the bright side of it, i have to cope it my self. it's kinda long story, but here's my tips to get with it:

1. keeping yourself busy
yup, being busy is the best medicine, be as busy as you can be, busy till you drop then, until you can't even have time to think your depression. do anything! from volunteer job to singing out loud in the bathroom! i usually keep myself busy with writing, browsing and exercising. most people these day get depressed simply because they have enough time to get depressed. from now on, no time to waste on depressing, get busy!

2. keeping yourself away from things that bring you down
it's useless if you keep yourself busy but your ex-girlfriend along with her new six-packed boyfriend still hang-out along with you. keeping her away for a couple of weeks or month can help. ask her for some help that you want to overcome with it for some time. don't even let somebody talk about. but if it happen, just let it flow.

My apologies, just gotta talk about this. Checking my gmail as I write this and I saw an ad for this site, That is fourth advertisement I've seen from their website today! I feel I'm being stalked! Okay, I am going to get back to what I was writing 😉

3. simply be thankful and grateful
look from third person perspective, am i silly for being depressed? has the world has gone unfair? how about them that unluckier than you? they still doing it alright and smile, there's noting to be worried about. get as many view as possible. and you'll be embarrassed how a person unluckier than you still doing it alright. this tips useful if you can't get away from your depression source, or can't be busy -> sick.

4. Get a grip! get a life!
come on now. still depressed? it's simply because you don't want the way it is. you'll always be depressed until you accept the way it is, the way you are and take the bright side from it! i mean, what actually we're looking for in this world? it's all about silly aimless pride, all the things that we don't carry away when we die. so take away your pride and let it flow, let the future come by it self. be happy, smile. =)

5. share your fortune and joy, make everyone happy!
another great way to overcome the depression is simply by encouraging others and giving the best out of you, to your surroundings. leave a legacy! so when we die we still have something to be remembered in those people's mind. be "la la la", don't think about the people that gone unfair on you, just simply giving positive vibration to your world. The Ultimate Being simply more than fair enough to respond your attitude back!

6. make laugh out of you!
yea, laughing at yourself can be fun too, like i did with that monkey image, as like he's the one who write this :)). hahaha. there's nothing serious about if we can do it with fun and joy, why can't we do it the FUN way? it won't shrink your dignity if it done in a proper way. so why so serious? >:). and the list goes on and on if you keep digging.

Need to give the deserved credit for this post in part to I got the idea for this post from something I read from there website.

Article Resources - Fantastic web site. - Call these guys constantly.

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