How to Remove Tonsil Stones Naturally at Home?

Removing tonsil stones naturally at home Tonsil stones need not necessarily be removed via a surgery. If the condition is really bad then the best option is consulting a professional and getting a surgery done. Tonsil stones have an annoying symptom known as halitosis (bad breathe). The bad breathe makes it really annoying and irritating for the tonsil stones sufferer. Removing this stone would be a great relief. I'll give you 4 ways of relieving these stones.

Lime; this is a traditional way of removing stones. Squeeze some lime in a glass of water and add few drops of honey and salt. When consumed, this drink will help remove the stones stuck in the throat region.

A glass of milk with pepper and turmeric powder works similarly.

Squeezing out the tonsil stones via cotton swab, this helps the stones to fall off on it's own. Toothbrush, helps loosen the stones in the throat region when gently nudged, a tongue scraper gives similar results.

Plenty of consumption would help rid tonsil stones too.

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