Potting Blends for Growing Medical Marijuana

Potting blend or soils are created to provide a growing culture for typical house plants in a comparatively tiny container. These are occasionally created completely from wood or bark fiber, compost, and soil amendments. These blends are created to hold moisture and gradually release nutrients over a time, which is what the majority of house plants need. As far as Medical Marijuana is concerned, these mixtures rarely have sufficient nutrients to support healthy growth for longer than a couple of months. (Their N is generally low, P sufficient, and K typically quite high.) They produce the best results when sand or perlite is added for better drainage, and fertilizers are put in to help with the low nutrient content.

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Commercially sold mixes and soils are generally in the pH range of 67, which is good for Growing Medical Marijuana . Excessive alkalinity isn't a problem with commercial soils, however excess acidity can be an issue. You can lessen the odds of getting acidic soil by staying away from soils with the words peat or sphagnum in their names. Stay away from soils that are used for acid loving foliage like African violets, azaleas, or terrarium use. You won't need to be concerned about pH if you add two cups of lime to the large bag of soil you purchased. But the best method is to do your own pH testing.

The surest method for finding the proper growing medium for Growing Medical Marijuana is to interview experienced growers. They will be able to share their own experiences using different mixtures. Many long time cultivators with whom we have spoken have grown a lot of the mixes that are available in their location. A dependable, knowledgeable nursery employee or plant-shop manager can also provide you with some advice.


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