HCG Diet Nasal Spray Vs Drops & Injections

The wide choices available to the dieter today has caused some confusion in the choice of the HCG Diet Nasal Sprays Vs Drops and Injections . The HCG Diet Drops have been found to have a better absorption rate than the nasal drops. The HCG Diet Nasal sprays are preferred to the injections. The risk of contamination is less than with injections & there is no pain & discomfort as after an injection.

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The cost factor is very economical if using the drops & nasal spray but the Injections are expensive. All forms of the HCG hormone do not recommend the use of the HCG product during menstruation. The other rules of the protocol remain just the same. There are no changes in the diet plan & in what can & can't be eaten. Research has found that prolonged use of the HCG Diet Nasal spray causes inflammation of the lining in the nose & also irritation in the eyes. Finally it is up to the dieter to choose the form of HCG that he is comfortable in.

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