9 Secrets to Stay Young

The most common problem for women, besides extra pounds, is age. Wrinkles, hair, are just some of the aspects that can betray your age. There are solutions, most of them very handy, that you can use to hide your age.

Here are 9 secrets that can help you hide your age!

Wrinkles can be attenuated or even removed if you take care of yourself properly. And here, hydration is very important. Most women focus on anti-aging products and they forget about products that hydrate the skin.

According to nutritionists, early aging can be prevented with the help of a healthy diet with fruits and vegetables. Vegetables and fruits like carrots, pumpkins, tomatoes, broccoli, spinach, papaya, orange, mango, can offer an unique glow to the skin which rivals with a natural tan. Further more, antioxidants can be found in fruits like strawberries and they can help you prevent the early aging of cells and they have the power of preventing wrinkles.

Fish most also be present in your diet. This provides the oils required by the skin. For a dry skin it is the Omega 3 fat oils are recommended accompanied by fish oil, two or three times per week.

In time, our lips become less shiny. They are less voluminous and the color pales. Spoil them with cremes so they become softer.Also, you can use a gloss to maket hem more attractive and look younger.

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A healthy smile creates the impression of youth. Go to your dentist to help you with specialized advise and to recommend a teeth whitening treatment. You will be surprised what a great smile can do.

Rest more! eat less salt and drink plenty of water. Also, use natural skin masks.

Keep a straight position all the time, with the chest forward and straight shoulders. You will feel better and you will look better also.

Your hair will need more help from you in order to shine. Spoil it weekly with nourishing masks and hide the white hair. Also, use products and choose hair styles that can offer you with a plus of volume.

Not only is it bad for your health, but smoking is very damaging for your beauty. A cigarette contains more than 4,000 toxic substances, and many of them are directly absorbed by the circulatory system and they are taken in the structure of the skin by the bloodstream.

In time our skin becomes less elastic and firm. Researchers discovered that smoking is one of the main causes of skin diseases.

A positive attitude helps you look and feel young. Bring some color in your life and opt for colorful clothes.

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