Are you one of those people that reach for a soft drink to refresh you...

Are you one of those people that reach for a soft drink to refresh you when you hit the mid-afternoon slump? Many of these sodas or soft drinks, marketed as energy drinks, are known as speed drinks, due to the effect they have on your nervous system.

Energy drinks contain a number of common stimulants, such as taurine and guarana, which provide an energy boost. Examples include V and Red Bull. Caffeine is another common stimulant, which is found in many soft drinks including Coca Cola, Pepsi and Mountain Dew.

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Can you imagine letting your 8 year old child drink several cups of coffee each day? In effect this is how much caffeine each of these drinks contain. In fact speed drinks are banned in some countries or restricted to adults only, due to the detrimental effects they can have.

And yes, they are highly addictive! You experience a high induced by the sugar and the stimulants, but when it wears off you feel low and head for the nearest bottle of guarana or caffeine rich soda. Speed drinks are a short term solution with long term side effects. Save your money and your health drink water.

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