I'm going to show you in simple terms why its hard to lose weight.

Im going to show you in simple terms why your body is going to fight you in your efforts to get lean and sexy and what you can do about it. The human body is a remarkable organism, built for survival. It is remarkably adaptable and runs a complex series of checks and balances to keep itself alive.

For our purposes we're going to lump all these regulatory systems into one handy word; homeostasis, which basically means keeping everything balanced. Your liver and kidneys do a lot of the heavy lifting every day to keep your body balanced. Everything from balancing fluid levels through osmosis to balancing your energy cycle, metabolizing the food you eat, getting rid of the waste your body is busy!

Lets keep the survival theme I mentioned earlier in mind as I explain why you can't diet your way to a lean, toned and sexy body, but you can eat your way to a chubby and not-so-pleasantly plump body without much effort at all.

If you eat more calories than your body uses, it has to do something with these extra calories. It converts them to adipose tissue and stores them away for a rainy day. Your bodys fat cells expand to take in this extra adipose quite naturally. Does your body somehow signal you that you're eating too much and it has to keep storing away this adipose? Nope. The signals your body sends to feed yourself are the same all the time. Eating is the primary survival mechanism and you will get those signals even if you're gaining a little weight. In fact, studies have shown your body is perfectly happy to stay at the highest weight you attain. Its safer that way; lots of stored energy for the next famine.

If you decide one day you're going to diet to lose a little chubbiness, you will have to fight the signals you're getting to eat. The harder you diet, the stronger those survival signals are going to get. If your calories are too low, you're going to need great willpower to resist the urge to break into the pantry and eat everything in sight. But if you have that iron will and keep those calories low, your body will sense impending starvation. Heres where it gets ugly folks.

Your body will now horde it's fat stores since that rainy day has finally arrived. It needs to keep you alive until the famine is over and you can find and kill a wildebeest and eat again. It will try desperately to keep the fat stores at the highest levels you attained so you have as much long lasting energy as possible. The homeostatic system that regulates your energy balance will continue to create powerful hunger signals while it reduces the energy it uses by down regulating non-essential functions. It will also start breaking down muscle tissue for amino acids to repair and maintain more important organs than your biceps.

Eventually, you will eat more food because you are starving, you feel like crap, and your body is making stale Cheerios look and taste like filet mignon.

Finally the famine has passed and your body survived. Youre still chubby and soft, maybe even a little softer due to muscle loss, and you're unhappy to boot because you failed. You need to eat; we all do. So eat, but make good food choices and burn the excess calories you need to lose body fat by exercising more. Most people eat fewer calories just by making better food choices. If you're getting cravings to eat everything in sight, your calories are too low faithful reader.

Please send any questions, comments or suggestions my way so we can learn and work together to Bring Sexy Back. Remember, you've got to feed the machine.

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