Good oral hygiene should be given priority regardless of age.

Good oral hygiene should be given priority regardless of age. It is important to pay attention to oral hygiene to prevent possible gum diseases that may lead to more serious health issues. Likewise, good oral hygiene will not only spare you from diabetes, heart abnormalities and other infections but also keeps you refreshed and confident.

Ensuring good oral hygiene involves choosing the right toothbrush. There are two types of toothbrush such as the electric and manual toothbrush. Some people prefer using electric toothbrush but it is necessary to know the criteria on finding thebest electric toothbrush.

Here are some of the criteria:

Size The size of the toothbrush is the first thing to consider when buying any type of toothbrush. It is because the size plays significant role in maneuvering the entire areas of the mouth especially those that are hard to reach. Toothbrush for adults should have wider head and an inch tall while for kids the toothbrush head should be smaller. It is important to choose toothbrush that has long handle for comfortable grasp. You can also find a detachable or compact electric toothbrush that is perfect as travel buddy.

Battery life Another factor to consider in choosing the best electric toothbrush is the battery life. As much as possible, you should select toothbrush that has rechargeable batteries so that you can use it many times without spending more money. The toothbrush should also have battery life indicator so that you will know if it needs to be recharged.

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Bristle In buying any type of toothbrush you need to choose either soft, medium or hard bristles. However, dentists suggest using soft bristles toothbrush to ensure lesser risk of gum damages, the root surface and protective enamel. Medium bristles can work for those who are not good brusher to promote better coverage. The good thing about the best electric toothbrush is that you can find replacement heads that give the opportunity to use any of the three types of bristles.

Aside from the basic criteria of a toothbrush, the best electric toothbrush should have pressure sensor and built-in timer. The timer gives alarm if the user have consumed more than the suggested brushing time in specific quadrants of the mouth and teeth. The pressure sensor determines if you are brushing your gums and teeth too hard. These features prevent untoward damages to ensure that your teeth and mouth maintains the good condition.

The most important thing to consider in buying any type of toothbrush is that it should be approved by the experts and dental associations. This gives assurance that you are using the right and quality toothbrush approved by authorities. Before buying, it is essential to look for users feedback to determine if it is really safe to use and effective. You can also do research for some pertinent information including clinical trials, pros, cons and background.

Making the right choice of the best electric toothbrush is one way of promoting good oral hygiene. It is important to teach the young ones about the proper way of implementing oral hygiene.

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