We are proud to introduce the new iTero element scanner to Harvard Rd Dental Care!  Within minutes we can show our patients the outcome of their Invisalign treatment.

  •   The ClinCheck which shows how teeth incrementally move with each aligner is also available twice as fast.
  •   The iTero scanner takes the most accurate record of your teeth, which translates into aligners fitting seven times better than with traditional impressions.
  •   Best part is that there is no mess or goop like with traditional impressions!










invisalign-clearalternatvie to braces











The Invisalign treatment consists of a series of clear, snap-on, custom fit, removable mouth trays or aligners that apply a controlled amount of force to your teeth, forcing them to shift. The system provides the same beautiful results as traditional braces, but since the trays are made of clear plastic, they are virtually invisible. In addition, because Invisalign trays are removable, they can be taken out while eating, drinking, brushing and flossing.

Why Invisalign?

Healthier Teeth
Swollen, red gums can often be the result of having teeth that are crowded or too widely spaced. Unfortunately, these are also signs of periodontal disease. When teeth are properly aligned, it helps the gums fit more securely around the teeth, allowing for the strongest and healthiest defense against potential periodontal problems. That’s where Invisalign comes in. The comfortable and clear aligners gently and gradually begin to move your teeth into the proper position – without unsightly brackets and wires.

Easier Cleaning
One of the biggest challenges of having braces is removing all the food that gets trapped in the brackets and wires. This can often lead to plaque buildup and eventually tooth decay. With Invisalign, the aligners are removable, so it’s easy to continue brushing and flossing your teeth the way you normally do.



How It Works

Invisalign works a lot like braces, except without any of the bracket, wires and other contraptions often used to straighten and enhance your smile. We will start off with an impression, photos, and all necessary x-rays of your teeth. From there, a series of “aligners” will be fashioned each crafted to gradually make subtle changes in the position of your teeth. Every two weeks you’ll switch out one aligner for the next in the series to progressively shift your teeth into place. The easiest way to look at it is as a systematic modification in the position of your teeth in stages. As time goes by, the position of your teeth will slowly move closer to their intended goal, just like regular braces.

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment without brackets or wires.

It uses a patented proprietary system that uses 3D modeling software and cutting-edge manufacturing technology to provide a clear, removable solution for straightening teeth. Invisalign is effective at treating a wide variety of orthodontic issues including: crowding, spacing, overbite, under bite, deep bites and open bite.

Ask us at your next visit, how “Invisalign” can change your smile!

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