The difference between Six Month Smiles and traditional Ortho

Six Month Smiles is a short term orthodontic treatment. Its treatment goals are extensive but not as comprehensive as most traditional orthodontic cases. Specifically, with Six Month Smiles the goal is to correct crowded teeth, crooked teeth, or spaced teeth. These issues can often be easily corrected in about six months with the system. This is why Six Month Smiles if often referred to as cosmetically focused, chief complaint driven, short term orthodontics.

How does the Six Month Smiles System work?

Once Six Month Smiles is the chosen treatment and preliminary impressions are taken, then it’s time to place the braces. After the braces are on, the patient is seen every 4 weeks, for a simple adjustment visit. Once the teeth are in the final position, the braces are easily removed and adequate retention is provided. The patient is able to enjoy a smile that looks great and gives them great confidence!


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