Veneers can make a significant impact to improve your smile. At Harvard Rd Dental Care, we believe in conservative dentistry; therefore, the Veneers we recommend require minimal to no tooth preparation and deliver the most aesthetic and natural smiles.

To determine if you are a candidate for Veneers, we will schedule a preliminary consultation appointment during which your oral health and smile will be evaluated and all available treatment options discussed. During your veneers consultation, you will actively participate in the “smile design process.” By sharing your preferences for the shape, length, width and color of the veneers and the change in the appearance of your smile that you want them to create; you help ensure that your Smile Makeover meets your expectations. It is important that we work as a team to understand your goal to achieve the smile of your dreams!

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<strong>What problem can Porcelain Veneers correct?</strong><br>
<li> Misaligned teeth
<li> Chipped teeth
<li> Chemically discoloured teeth
<li> Gaps between teeth
<li> Crooked teeth
<li> Too-small teeth


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